Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nora Armani: This August is not

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This August is not read by the author, Nora Armani.

This heavy rain in August
Bears witness to the topsy-turvy
world we’re in.
On the eve of yet another one of my birthdays,
I am not sure if it is an occasion
To look back and value or regret?
Thank God I made it so far
But what good is that without those
that loved me so, and who I
didn’t have time to love half as much.

Life is strange, stranger than death,
a stranger to death.
My choice is tough
as strangers are not welcome here.

And yet, after a rainy day there’s sun.
After the storm comes peace.
After death… nothing
Particularly for those who survive!

©Nora Armani
August 30th 2006
After a sleepless night on a rainy day in Paris

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