Friday, June 21, 2013

Websites Related to Armenia at the Library of Congress

The Armenia Country page gives contact information for queries concerning Armenia and Acquisitions of materials related to it at the Library of Congress, as well as access to various to a variety of online sources relating to collections, programs, and research methodology.

The text and illustrations of the chapter on “Armenia and Georgia”
Library of Congress Near East Collections: An Illustrated Guide have been mounted
at this URL.

This is the link to the African and Middle Eastern Division which provides access to all aspects relating to the Near East Section (which has custody of Armenian language materials), as well as to the African and  the Hebraic sections.

Access to the Library of Congress’ superb cataloged collections.

The online version of the Armenian Exhibition: “To Know Wisdom and Instruction:
The Armenian Literary Tradition at the Library of Congress.

A search under Armenia in the Prints and Photographs Divisions site will yield photographs,
posters and a variety of important graphic materials.

A search under Armenia in the American Memory Page of the Library’s homepage will yield photographs, documents, maps, folksongs, and historical articles on Armenia and the Armenians.

The World Digital Library Page gives access to the digital collections of the Library of Congress via its Global Gateway and to the cooperative project between the Library of Congress and UNESCO that presents the patrimony of the world’s cultures digitally for general users, students, teachers and scholars.  Armenian materials are available.

For Further Information contact:
Dr. Levon Avdoyan, Armenian and Georgian Area Specialist
Near East Section, African and Middle Eastern Division, The Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4823
Phone: (202) 707-5680 Fax: (202) 252-3180 

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