Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Sleep, sleep away young child
Twist and turn in the dark -
Dream lightly on.
I relate our tale of woe, woe
in all it’s depth of saddening loss.
The madness so long endured
The waste of youth demanded
Mother’s grief handed down
Creeping of seasons past seasons.
Hush, Hush, Wake not……sleep, sleep.
Invaders came through the ages
Plundered, Ravaged, Destroyed.
On and on cross centuries
come screams of nothingness -
Blowing o’er our trampled lives.
Then the greatest trial of all –
Words fail me to describe the horror
So, so many lost in that long, long march -
Of brutal life or death.
We mouth the past in our native tongue
Let loose yearnings for those now gone
We, the flickering emblems of our race
Hold fast our culture, long,
in music, words and dance.
Pummeled, Squashed again yet again
Near to obliteration
Still, always, some sparks…a glow -
Where burns the hope.
Devastated, Broken,  Rebuilt,  Smashed
Countless times,  Empire after Empire
Must we …To what end -
Bent in servitude.
Beyond reason
I exist
Lost in red haze of blood and rage
Blinded by tears
This orgy of humanity
History I tread, ours and others
To thrive on knowing
We are not alone –
The scythe’s edge dulls.
Hark the deafening sighs, who’s listening.
Walk the villages of tears, who’s weeping.
I sing you words of ours
that caress our ways.
Now is my piece of happiness
recalling greater days -
As you grow in slumber.
This great treasure of lore,
though laced with strife
I pass on
To flood your tranquil mind.
Torrents of thoughts
on our people’s strength
That conquers all –
Now you slowly stir.
My songs echoing
Through your dreams
I try to rise, rise up.
To you I will
Many a bright dawning day –
This time is yours my child.
Armen Ghazaryan (Violinist), Frank J Cunningham (Poet) & Robert Behrman (Piano) performing Cunningham’s poem “Lullaby” written for Aram Khachaturian’s Ballet “Gayane”

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