Monday, May 29, 2017

Announcing the winner of the 7th “Arthur Halvajian Memorial” Armenian Poetry Competition - College age category

Congratulations to Elizabeth Minasian who is this year's winner in college age category. 

All this Armenian?

People tell me

What is with you and all this Armenian?

And I tell them, For me,

This Armenian says


Come in have coffee, have tea

Have gata and have chir

This Armenian for me is the music fanatic

you can call Elvina Makarian

an identity-searching art enthusiast dubbed Arshile Gorky

and the knowledge thirsty, language pundit some know as Khachatur Abovyan

This Armenian for me is the hard-working, passionate, hearty, yet underrepresented being

This Armenian for me is the lover of hogh yev jur
The admirer of motherland and fatherland

This Armenian for me is community

Intertwined into one, small, dynamic being

This Armenian for me is William Saroyan, who wanted to

Erase his roots but could not

This Armenian for me is Komitas 
who built our national music
through seemingly insignificant human steps
Resulting a universal leap

This Armenian for me is Garegin Nzhdeh,
Davit Bek,
Kevork Chavush
The ordinary soldier
Fighters, Persisters, Protectors

This Armenian for me is the brave 
Journalist, who empowers diverse 
people with a composition notebook and
a plane ticket

This Armenian for me is 
a Modest poet
trying to get a few people to change 
their views, and learn a thing
Or two

Thus, before I leave, I tell them,

The Armenian for me is what it should be for you

1 comment:

Michael Minassian said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth! Well done - a good and true poem!