Friday, May 08, 2020

Reminder: Our call for Poems deadline is June 1, 2020

Hello all:

We hope you are all healthy and being creative during your confinement.

A reminder that our call for poetry deadline is approaching. Please read the original post about this global endeavor.

Thank you

Lola Koundakjian


Ani said...

Hello, good afternoon, I would like to know if the poem should be sent in Word format or in PDF? What if I should send the poem in Armenian, French and English? or just one of those languages? Thank you! I hope you are well.


Armenian Poetry Project said...

Hello Ani:

The poem(s) can be in either one of these languages; it's okay to send a translation of the work too, just mention which is the original and who is the author and the translator, please. Word or PDF works. For the Armenian text, please use a UNICODE font (Sylfaen TrueType is for example a Unicode font).

Thanks, Lola

Ani said...

Thank you very much for the information :)