Sunday, November 19, 2006

Armenian Poets in Cortland Review (text and audio)

Two of the Armenian-American poets mentioned in this blog have been publishes in the Cortland Review. The website also has links to hear the authors reading their work. You may need to download REAL PLAYER or WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER to hear the RAM.

Read and hear the poems at the Cortland Review.

Balakian, Peter
An Interview with Peter Balakian (Interview, Issue 22)
The Tree (Poetry, Issue 22)
Ellis Island (Poetry, Issue 22)
Rock 'n' Roll (Poetry, Issue 22)

Djanikian, Gregory
When I First Saw Snow (excerpt) (Poetry, 1998 Holiday Special)
At the End of the Day (Poetry, Issue 5)
You Just Don't Get It (Poetry, Issue 5)
Break Up (Poetry, Issue 5)
Years Later (Poetry, Issue 3)
Neither Here Nor There (Poetry, Issue 3)
The Man Who was Always Sad (Poetry, Issue 3)
Fable (Poetry, Issue 3)
Waiting for Her Again (Poetry, Issue 3)

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