Sunday, December 05, 2010

Michael Keshigian: HONEYCOMB BLUES

This is how it used to be
with him and his lover,
she taught him
a new song
every morning,
a different line
with her head
on the pillow,
climbing the stairway
of his spine
with a weightless melody
until it filled his brain
and he sang
as he rolled over
to lock his lips
around hers
so she might sugar his mouth
with more honey,
her tongue tipping sweet words
backwards in his throat.
The day was longing
after mornings like that,
sunlight a lonely companion,
though the song droned
like bees in the hive
all day in his head.

Copyright Michael Keshigian. Reprinted here by kind permission of the author.

1 comment:

Mark Gavoor said...

hard to read as the font was black on a blue background. i persisted by clicking and dragging, the highlighting turned the font white. i was happy to read this poem.

i liked because it read like something i could have written. michael i am not sure if that is praise or not LOL. i would imagine this poem would evoke some good memories in most readers.

i love kundalini stairway of the spine thing and may have even used it myself.

good work.