Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Michael Stone: Six Glimpses

Entering the Arpa Valley

A faded sign “BISTRO”

Comley with thick shins and petite feet in blue shoes
She was selling white yoghurt by the road.

A poplar in a roadside meadow,
its leaves straining south to follow the wind,
Like a girl's long hair.

An old car picking its way down a very steep track,
all ruts and roots and rocks.

Billows of hill and deep gulches cleavage,
hills smoothed into green-yellow waves,
lakes of light green in the valleys,
houses below, monopoly pieces.

A village drowning in greenery
Yellow humps of harvested hay rolled up
Ingathered fields inlaid into the hills

Michael E. Stone, Vayots Dzor 2016

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