Monday, September 25, 2006

Introducing poet Artsvi Bakhchinyan

ARTSVI BAKHCHINYAN (born 1971, Yerevan), philologist, film researcher, Ph. D. In 1988-1993 studied at Yerevan State University (department of Armenian language and literature). In 1993-1996 studied in post-graduated masters in Institute of Literature of National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia (Ph. D. in 1996). Contributed to periodicals of Armenia and abroad with articles on film, culture and various fields of Armenian studies. He is the vice president of Armenian branch of FIPRESCI (International Union of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists). Co-editor of "Armenian Cinema 1924-1999: a complete filmography" catalogue (Yerevan, 2001). Author of books: “Armenians by Origin” (a biographical dictionary of Armenian Diaspora: Yerevan, 1993), "Figures of Armenian Origin" (Yerevan, 2002), “Napoleon Bonaparte and the Armenians” (Yerevan, 2003), “Armenia-Scandinavia: Historical and Cultural Relations” (Yerevan, 2003), "Armenians in World Cinema" (Yerevan, 2004), “Armenia-Sweden” (in English, 2006). Participated in international conferences and meetings in various countries.

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