Thursday, February 15, 2007

Alec Ekmekji: On Beethoven's Appassionata

When I enter heaven - and I will enter heaven -
It will be a heaven of my own making,
Unlike the heavens of fashionable men,
A heaven where the days extend beyond the years,
And where the minutes swallow the hours,
Where hourglasses, coated with hellish glaze,
Revel in the dance of the years minutes days.

And when I enter hell - yes, I will enter hell -
It will be a hell fashioned by my hands,
Unlike the hells of dispassionate men,
A hell where the minutes devour the days,
And where the hours hover above the years,
Where the heavenly sands, falling, in a daze,
Suspend in mid-air to kiss that hellish glaze.

© 1996 Alec Ekmekji

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