Friday, June 01, 2018

Introducing to our APP audiences: TATEV CHAKHIAN

Tatev Chakhian is an Armenian poet and visual artist, born in Yerevan and currently living in Poland.

In 2016 she published her first volume of poetry titled “unIDentical” which was nominated for the 2018 European Poet of Freedom – the 5th edition of the Literary Award of the City of Gdansk and was published in Polish.

Selections of Tatev's poetry have been translated into various languages and published in anthologies and literary magazines in Austria, Poland, Iran, Russia, Nagorno Karabakh.

In 2016 Chakhian received the annual Obywatelska Polish magazine and the Polish literary award from Dionis Maliszewski. In Armenia, she was honoured with the Sahak Partev first literary prize from Catholicos Garegin II and the literary award of the first lady of Armenia.

She has participated in Poeziefestival Berlin, 2012; Literary Ark, in 2013-2014; and European Poet of Freedom 2018 literary festivals.

Tatev is the editor of which showcases translated contemporary Iranian poetry. She works as a teacher, editor and translator.

Her website is

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