Saturday, December 08, 2012

Michael E. Stone: Birds of Paradise

A parchment lampshade,
adorned with a peacock
preening between
two fruit trees
as in the Garden.

Immortality's symbol,
Paradise bird,
tail fanned, with Cherub eyes,
God's eyes over all the earth.

The vine meanders through the mosaic,
tracing medallions, embracing
birds in its grape-heavy branches,
around pomegranates—Eden's fruit.

At the vine's stock a bird in a cage,
wings flutter in body's prison.
Two peacock fans frame the base
eying the blind soul’s struggle.

Will the soul learn it's caged?
Will it break free, soar,
wing up away on high,
through the spheres and
beyond the heavens?

Michael E. Stone

This poem is inspired by the Bird Mosaic in Jerusalem

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