Monday, June 27, 2016

Announcing the winner of the 6th “Arthur Halvajian Memorial” Armenian Poetry Competition - Student category

The winner in the Students category (ages 12-17) is:

The Wind and the Pomegranate
by Elizabeth Dovlatyan

The wind snatched the little pomegranate from the tree.
When it fell on the grassy knoll, the relentless wind

forced the little pomegranate to roll up mountains,
down the rocky hills, pass flowers, bushes, and fences.

The wind kept blowing. The pomegranate couldn't
bear the torture. It went through rosebushes.

Thorns cut right through her. Her jewels spilled out.
She could no longer move from the wind.

This was the end
of the little pomegranate… or was it?

Congratulations to Elizabeth. 

Honorable mention to Lorents Assadourian for his poem "Experiencing Vegas".

Many thanks to Shahé Mankerian, Principal, St. Gregory's A. & M. Hovsepian School, Pasadena, California. 

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