Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Celeste Snowber: worried for love

Love in the ruins, 2016                                     Marsha Nouritza Odabashian

Do you have your hat on?
what was your mark on your test?
did you do better than her?
did you turn off the lights?
what about the heat?
   was it turned down?
did the bills get paid?
is the chicken defrosting?
was there enough color in
your cooking, or fabric, or paint on canvas
or your cloth cover on your book?

Did you remember – The Turks killed the Armenians?
Did you remember?

Remembering was a big VERB in my house growing up.
Did you remember?

My Armenian mother said, “You are my star
of miracles - I couldn’t have you
 I finally conceived and bore you”

We are all miracles -
here, when we might have been
forgotten, not born, killed or bled in survival

Do you remember I love you?

Worried for love

Celeste Nazeli Snowber

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