Thursday, April 05, 2007

Anny-Rose Nahapetian: I'm a happy person in my Armenian dreams

I dreamt again.
Clothes in a plastic bag
and my mother at the kitchen table
cutting a chicken in half

I dreamt again.
And I said to my self uncooked meat
in a dream is not a good sign.
But my mother was in my dream,
that could be good sign.

My aunty used to say that
if you dream of your mother,
you should be happy.

I'm dreaming of my mother
for such a long time,
I should be a happy person
because it is a good sign.
Am I ?
Or is this just an Armenian dream ?

Anny-Rose Nahapetian, April 1st, 2007
This poem appears by kind permission of its author.

1 comment:

narine said...

wonderful! love it! so sincere and pure in the feeling and expression!