Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Armine Iknadossian: Lost

in the cotton-mouthed morning
a red-crowned crane raises its beak,
watches the grey sky, recovers
from the miles left behind in the Far East

alone in the misty field of lilac,
today could be his last.
what wind could carry him home?
what promise of tomorrow?

Copyright Armine Iknadossian.
Used here by kind permission of the author.


noca said...

That is an amazing poem!! I love you!!

John R. Guthrie said...

Love the imagery, the juxtaposition of "cotton-mouthed morning" with that "red-crowned crane," to take one example. Fine work.


John R. Guthrie

sdemirdj said...

Great peoms Armine. My son picked one of your poems to memorize for a school project.
Seta Demirdjian