Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sotère Torregian: Fragments

Sotère Torregian has published eight books of poetry and contributed to many small press magazines since the 1960s, including Paris Review, Art and Literature (Isere, France) and "C," a magazine of the arts.

Affiliated with French Surrealist posts and associated with the New York School of poets and painters, he has been a resident of California since 1967. He received the Frank O'Hara Award for Poetry (1968) and the Gotham Book Mart Author of the Year Award (1976) upon publication of his Age of Gold (Poems 1968-1970).

Assistant to Dr. St Clair Drake, he helped establish the Afro-American Studies Program at Stanford University in 1969, where he also taught as Writer In Residence and Scholar.

He traces his ancestry to the Aghliabid Dynasty of Moorish rulers of Sicily, to Greece, Ethiopia, and to the Levant , on his maternal side; and to The Maghreb and Central Asia on his paternal side.

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