Thursday, January 22, 2009

Krikor N. Der Hohannesian: EVEN IN DREAMS

Away with these dreams!
Manichean midnight intrusions
whipsawing the psyche
in epic battles of good
against evil, light over dark.

I have played all the roles-
Quixote on a white colt, lance
held high, fear not my people! Or

innocent caught in the cross-fire,
at the mercy of the dogs of war,
fangs bared, eyes red with blood lust.

I am Solomon in the midst of carnage,
cooing the wisdom of doves into
ears deafened by battle’s roar. Or,

best of all, I am bloodthirsty avenger
hard at the throats of Ottoman hordes,
no quarter given!

My people, my people!
Even in dreams, the battles, never
enough to expunge the nightmare
nor resurrect the million souls
stomped lifeless like despised vermin.

This poem has previously appeared in Aries Journal.

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