Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Armenian Writers’ Union works to improve the state of Armenian literature: article in the Armenian Reporter

Through far-reaching conferences and publications, the union is bridging the literary traditions of the diaspora and the homeland

by Aram Arkun, THE ARMENIAN REPORTER, Friday January 09, 2009

Quotes from the article (emphasis by APP):

"Aleksandr Topchyan argued for promoting the use of the Armenian language abroad where feasible, but also judiciously supported writing in other languages: "We must help Armenian writers abroad to be able to write in Armenian and not face the fate of Shahan Shahnur and others - a difficult thing that can be done only with the aid of the government," he said. "But if they have to choose between writing in another language and not being able to live as an Armenian-language writer, I prefer the former. If our language is not heard, let us write in other languages."

..."Sarkis Guiragossian summarized the attitude of the majority in an article published on October 22, 2005, in Beirut's Aztag Daily: "Armenian writers who as a result of bitter fate create in foreign languages are not foreigners, but faithful and dedicated ambassadors of their Armenian blood and spirit in non-Armenian surroundings, and thanks to that very condition and their [Armenian] national activities, worthy of every sort of praise and respect." Zori Balayan pointed out that the presence of a global diaspora and its writers was one positive result for Armenia of the tragedy of the Armenian Genocide."

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