Monday, April 07, 2014

Tatul Sonentz: Deir Ezzor…

In this desert
where nothing grew
but silence
disturbed only
by the wind that shifted
the sands of time
and the dunes of eternity
whose gaping gates
then opened wide
to receive the remains
of those who had witnessed
the very dawn
and the redemption
of humanity…
In this desert
where the sun bleaches
the very soul of all things
alive with the breath
of life and will of God
walked the skeletons
of those who used to be
man woman and child
father mother sister and son
now an endless spread
of human carrion
an infernal feast
for vulture and jackal
and manlike beast…
In this desert
far from the highlands
the ancient seed of Haik
was burned as incense
to the glory of Bel and Cain
who slew Abel and fled Eden
to plant and grow blades of sin
in the blood soaked
soil of the east
birthplace of a sun
now heading ever west
in its futile journey
in quest of a place to rest…
In this desert
there are no cranes
soaring serene above a land
whose tillers have been mowed
felled by the scythe
of hatred and greed
of crimson dreams of empire
like a rising tide
flowing red from east to west
and back to a mythical east
of Ergenekon
foaming with fury
in a savage rampage
to a final conquest and lasting glory
of the crescent moon
reflected in a sea of blood
flowing from sacked highlands
covered with gore
and scorched fields
to the searing sands of this place…
This desert
Where no crane on the wing
ever hovered over a dune
to answer the strangled call
and silenced quest
of news from the quick
and the dead
whose bleached bones
now call for loving hands
to touch them
with the promise of a place
of eternal rest…
---------------------Tatul Sonentz
April 24, 1995

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