Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sosy Krikorian Kadian: Sunrise on Sundays

Preceding Mass on Sunday morn
When light breaks through and day is born
As in our Golden Age begun
We come to prayer before the sun

While incense laces us with love
Our ancient chants ascend above
To welcome forth the wondrous worth
Of sunlight's kinship with the earth

Before the portals of the skies
With Aravod Loosoh we rise...
To Park Ee Partsoons highs...
And Sioni in grand demise...

Beseeching God with loving hand
To 'Bless the Heavens'... 'Bless the Land'
'The Sun'... 'The Stars'...'The Raindrops Sweet'
'Help All That Grows'... 'Abundance Meet'

Uniting with our treasured past
When life drew strength from mountains vast
And Saints through incandescent light
Inscribed 'God's Breath' on parchments white

For us at last to see The Word
That had 'til then been merely heard
Hold close its truth to hand & heart
And make it of ourselves... a part

How strong we've been... how firm & sure
Our trials and tempests to endure
Defying swords that men would wield
...God's Sacred Cross... our only shield...

And blessed today to carry on
With that which might have long been gone
...Partake of glories once begun...
As done in prayer... before the sun...

Copyright Sosy Krikorian Kadian
February 2007

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