Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shmavon Azatyan: CALENDAR OF LIFE

Helping my grandfather in the garden,
I observe him gracefully shoveling
the earth, his biceps swelling and subduing,
the sweat trailing down his face. Above
his shoulders Ararat towers frozen,
wearing a massive winter cap.
Throughout the summer, as the old man
toils in the garden, Ararat warms up and
sweats rivers that gush down its shoulders,
enlivening them with green. Grandfather’s
chalky back turns tanned, his agile arms
gain muscles to force the gardening done.
When Grandfather harvests grape, Ararat
has mastered the snow,
rising blithe and bare-headed.

In winter, I enter Grandfather’s study.
I can see through the window the mountain,
wrapped in mist, choking from the grand
snow pressing on its summits. He stops his
fervid writing, fills two mugs full of wine
and says:
“Work when the sun shines, so you can
enjoy life when it’s at rest.”

Copyright Shmavon Azatyan
This poem has appeared The Southwestern Review, the journal of the English Dept of University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Spring 2006, Volume 31, Page 30. It appears in this site by kind permission of the author.


nkaramya said...

impressive! liked it!

cara said...


would like to hear it read aloud.