Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sdepan Keshishian: Your Self-Assuredness Flaps in the Wind

I lost my shoes among bandits. A gang of ferrets.
I wore them out and back as they waited.
I wore them out as one would a chew-toy
As two would a battle-
land three would a duo.

See my shoes sea salt hues
foggy and brown all over town
Shiny black shoes mourn under church pews.

Shoes hung from a ladder as sun and paint splatter
Suspended in symmetry, the harvest of rubber.
rung-rhyme dung odor

You keep pace with the world
yet spoil my character
As it hops across creeks
and back again to its owner.
My solitude comes in pairs
you Passive, symmetric bastards

Sdepan Keshishian, Boston, 2008

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