Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alan Whitehorn: Searching For Mother Armenia

My friend Vasken told me of his unsuccessful search.
He had looked all over,
but could not find a post card of the towering statue of Mother Armenia.
I said I knew of some good gift shops and bookstores to try.

And so, I set out on my hunt.
Last year, the cards had been aplenty.
But as I searched,
I gradually realised that this year seemed to be another story.
Wherever I looked, I could not find such a card.

Disappointed, I returned to the hotel apparently defeated.
But I would try one last place.
The new gift shop in the hotel,
athough not fully stocked,
might have it.
The young lady said she had only one postcard of Mother Armenia,
but it was in a box of 60 various cards.
I certainly didn't want that many,
and so I politely declined.
As I began to go out of the shop,
the lovely lady graciously offered me the single card.
When I offered to pay,
she generously declined.
It was her gift to me.

I, in turn, passed on the special card to the receptionist,
who, subsequently, gave the precious item to Vasken.
He was delighted that he could now send the image of Mother Armenia
to his dear friend in America.

And so,
we discover the true spirit
in many small kind deeds.

Alan Whitehorn, May 2008, Yerevan

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