Sunday, June 22, 2008

Christopher Atamian: Three Wise Men (Murder on 187th Street)

(What a Christmas present, in December, 1933…

Oh they knifed the Bishop dead!
He was a Saint, a Godly man
A leader of our flock
The first man, a Ramgavar, said.

Oh they knifed the bishop dead!
He deserved it, the bastard betrayed Gomidas
To the Turkish Secret Police and let Smyrna burn
The second man, a Tashnag, said.

O they knifed the bishop dead!
Who will sleep with my wife now
When I am too tired in bed?
The Third man, no party affiliation, said

You had better wash that altar clean
At old Holy Cross Church in Washington Heights.
So much blood spilled, so much sin.

1 comment:

Mark Gavoor said...

Bravo for tackling this subject with this poem that does make one think...
I need to read and re-read this a few times.