Thursday, June 12, 2008

Christopher Atamian: Being

Հայը այն է որ կը տագնապի իտէալ հայ չ՛ըլլալուն համար.
Վահէ Օշական

(The Armenian is he who suffers from not being an ideal Armenian)
Vahe Oshagan

We try to hold in our minds
The inability to understand
What it is that we are searching for.
East and West, Old and New
Opposites stripped of meaning
Grasping for a past that constantly eludes us.
A prophet from Edessa, a giant from Moush
Nomads sprung from desert and rock,
Traveling backwards through Cilician time
Mourning for memories
We try to suppress.
And always the yearning
For something we cannot ever reach.

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