Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ara Sadaniantz: Gratitudes

The return of health
After a wretched illness
Always responded with gratitude
And it's refreshing
As morning's fresh snow
On long pines and boulders
That's for fortnight
Been shivering gray and dark.

It is the long stretch of
Undisturbed robust health
That rarely receives
A heart warming welcome
On each of its glorious days.

- Ara Sadaniantz

Reproduced with permission of Le Jacq Communications. The poem was published in Cardiovascular Reviews & Reports, 2000;21(4):XX.

Dr. Sadaniantz is a poet and cardiologist who works and lives in Providence RI. His work has also appeared in Ararat and was included in the RHODE ISLAND WRITERS’ CIRCLE 2007 ANTHOLOGY.

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