Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Arousiak Turabian: [I take comfort in the knowledge]

I take comfort in the knowledge
That I do not love you
But am merely smitten
And have discerned the difference
For both produce a nausea deceptively alike

So when you too
Leave me standing
On a sidewalk corner
Face smeared with puzzlement
I will not lurch home and boohoo
Into my dear musty pillow
Remembering the smell
Of your dear musty aroma

I will not clench tiny fists and beat the walls
inside me
Nor will I lament
With ladies of Jazz
And vow you are the last

Instead I'll simply wait
for the light to change
Smooth my hair
And slide along
Down the Avenue
Regretting nothing
Nothing at all

It is just so wonderful
That I do not love you.

November 1999

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