Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Natalie Bryant Rizzieri: From the Same Fruit

Summer of stone fruit. It’s late July. 
Grandmother cans Armenian plums

for winter jam to sweeten tea,
russet-tinted.  I eat apricot kernels,

the final center.  Yes, the wood pit
encloses a bitter almond. 

We threw them out too quickly,
lost this fact a few generations back. 

And this, the apricot almond
will save a life or lose it. 

She traipses behind me, cracks open
seed to ground, take and eat,

but not so many, pull gold skin back
under sun leaves to suck clean

the wood pit, what opens
to cyanide and latent salves.

Copyright Crab Orchard Review. Reprinted here by kind permission of the author

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