Friday, October 18, 2013

Kosrof Chantikian: Shadow of the Poem You Are

the life of the tree, the heart of the tree
the tree of silence where language is without words
because words are for us

and yet you speak in the tongue of silence
of the oak, as if to say to it and to the air
moving over your hands

I am the voice of your dream come to watch over you
I am the sun from whose strength you were born

you turn to me and taking my hand
lead me to that place where memory lives alone.
it is there where the sea begins

where mountains receive their names
where snow has never been.
it is in this place no star has ever seen

that I shall wait for your return.
it is here in these moments of stillness
where the word lives

where the unsayable may be said
that I shall come to you
shadow of the poem you are

Kosrof Chantikian

"Shadow of the Poem You Are" was published in Ararat (Summer 2005, No. 183). The editor wishes to thank Mr. Chantikian for sending it to APP. 

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