Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tatul Sonentz: CAPITAL IDEA

in oak paneled rooms
designer suits raise glasses
tinkling with ice melting
in single malt and close a deal
and like mangy dogs in heat
money sniffs and follows money
into dark vaults of glass and concrete
temples like the one where once
a young carpenter thrashed
money lenders and was absconded
sacrificed at countless missa solemnis
and fed as sacrement to repenting accountants
and such kneeling in cross-topped temples
of stone mortar and stained glass
through which the Sunday sun strains
descends with the holy ghost in colorful bits of light
on gucci clad wives no longer virgin
bearing diamond and blood red ruby crosses
around ample necks wrists ankles
shackled and fattened with mouthfuls of faith hope
and charity doled out in fetid favelas
around yuletide by armed deacons as alms
to knife club curse bearing mendicants
bereft of faith hopeless loveless
now bursting at the seams
of a globe gone mad
……………………………………tatul sonentz  


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