Friday, June 05, 2020

Alan Semerdjian's contribution to our Call for Poems on the topic of epidemics, illness, medicine, death and healing

Alan Semerdjian of New Hyde Park, NY, USA, has shared this original poem.


In this deluge of hushed urges, this 

leveling corridor beyond the frantic 
carnival house,

I’m starting to understand how the 
secret to poetry is not in the reading 
of it

but, rather, in the readying for it. 
Because the charge is always there, 
we need

to keep the words on hand and 
attached to us for that just moment 
of opening,

so that we may be swallowed into it 
like the rabbit does into 

or the krill into whale. Let ourselves 
give in more often and we might 
feel as if

in flight, a kite-less tail, the wing of a 
plane disappearing into cloud, see all 

language suddenly vanish and 
the page it’s on following swiftly. 
And if that

moment of opening is 
elongated like the vibration of a 
single singing

bowl alone and free in the once 
busy city center now 
abandoned streets,

the fall into itself is the poem, and the 
only memory of what we were starts 
to fade

into immeasurable alphabets of 
invisible ink.

APP thanks Alan for his latest contribution

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