Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Araxie Tossounian's contribution to the Call for Poems on the topic of epidemics, illness, medicine, death and healing

Araxie Tossounian from Novi, Michigan, USA contributed these two original poems in response to the 2020 Pandemic. The first is about the pandemic and the second, death related.

Everyone speaks of this terrible world,
that it's crumbling before our eyes,
and while there is hurt and change is needed,
I'm afraid all the good is disguised.

Love is free all over the world,
your mind can't be locked up in chains,
and though floods may come,
on the land or in your head,
there are memories that may always remain.

Why, when we chose to speak of this place,
do we speak of tragedy, unfairness, and pain?
You see, I cannot wait for the day,
we speak of the rainbow after the rain.

Roses are red,
but not always,
and when the roses die,
there is a part of them that stays,
the part that's in your eyes,
of the vibrant glossy tone,
or the scent that's in your nose,
one you wish that you could clone,
the feeling that you felt,
when your loved one walked them in,
or the joy after you've planted,
watching it grow out of its skin,
you think that roses die,
around the fall or late September,
but nothing ever dies,
just chose to always remember,
the roses are the ones,
we wish didn't have to go,
and the ones we wish we could get back,
so our love for them could grow,
roses are so many things and with them we may part,
but every time the roses die,
they build a bush back in our heart.

APP would like to thank Araxie for her contributions.

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