Thursday, August 31, 2006

Archie [Khatchig] Minasian: The Inner Joys

While my friends sought the glitter,
I followed my inner joys,
tramping the gardens and the wilds
in harmony with nature.
I bared my soul
and sought in return
the ways of her infinite mysteries
that nourished my questionings and desires.

I sought and was nurtured,
I to her giving and she to my quest.

I found in time that we were one,
exposed to an abiding law.

When the winds of Time arrived
and swept the weary fields and woods,
and called on all things to submit,
I too as one in harmony,
touched by the icy couriers,
knew my quest had been fulfilled
and naught remained and summoning.

"Prepare thy hearth," I thought,
"for what has been
shall surely be again
for he who cares to seek this room."

Published in ARMENIAN-NORTH AMERICAN POETS: AN ANTHOLOGY (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Manna Publishing, 1974), Lorne Shirinian, editor.

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