Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We remember Silva Kaputikian (1919-2006)

Armenian poet, orator, academician Silva Kaputikian passed away at the age of 87.

Born in Yerevan, January 20, 1919, she graduated from the YSU's Philological Department and then from Moscow's Gorki Literature Institute.

The first collection of her poems was published in 1945. Overall, Ms. Katoutikian has published 60 collections in Armenian, Russian and other languages.

Silva Kaputikian received many literary awards. In 1998, the Cambridge International Geographic Institute awarded her with the title of "Woman of the Year".

Bibliography courtesy of AIWA

Poetry Books
Oreri het [With the Days], 1945
On the Shores of the Ganges, 1947
Im harazatnere [My Intimates], 1953
Srtabats zruits [Candid Conversation], 1955
Bari yert [Bon Voyage], 1957
Mtorumner chanaparhi kesin [Midway Reflections], 1961
Yot kayaranner [Seven Stations], 1966
Im eje [My Page], 1968
Depi khorke leran [Toward the Mountain?s Depths], 1972
Lilit [Lilith], 1981
Dzmer e galis [Winter Is Arriving], 1983
Tagnap [Alarm], unpublished

Karavannere der kailum en [The Caravans Are Still Walking], 1964
Khchankar hogu yev kartezi guinerits [A Mosaic Made of the Soul and Atlas Colors], 1976
Im zhamanake [My Epoch], 1979
Ejer pak gzrotsnerits [Pages from Sealed Manuscripts], 1997
Im katsane ashkharhi chanaparhnerin [My Path Along the World?s Highways], 2002

Children's Literature
Pokrik Ara, akanj ara [Little Ara, Listen], 1950
Mer Lalike, sirunike [Our Pretty Lalik], 1955
Tane, bakum, poghotsum [At Home, In the Yard, In the Street], 1953
Mi tarov el metsatsank [Older By One More Year], 1958
Menk ognum enk mairikin [We?re Helping Mother], 1961
Tsaghkanots [Flower Garden], 1984
Partez [Garden], 2002

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