Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tina Demirdjian: IN THE KITCHEN

It was always a fiasco
to put away the dishes
to stack the amber glasses
one on top of the other
toss the miss-matched
silverware in the drawer
stolen from the airlines
or the Fountainbleau Hotel
during my parent’s honeymoon.

We always like to steal
a little memory
dad said with a smile
and so we had a collection
of stolen things
in my childhood
the memory of them
coming back to me
at the oddest moments
sticking to me like the humid nights
in New Jersey

the way you stuck to me
that day in the kitchen
the third time we kissed
when your hands
went beneath
my peach sweater
to touch my breasts
I think I’m falling
in love with you, you said
and I kept silent in the kitchen

thinking I heard
the jerking of those amber glasses
being stacked on top of one another
and the clanging of silverware
tossed inside the drawer

like I tossed my peach sweater
in the closet
after we kissed:
you stole a little of me
that afternoon
and inside my sweater
I stole a bit of your smell.

Tina Demirdjian lives in Los Angeles. Her poetry has appeared in Aspora, Ararat Quarterly, the Los Angeles Times, High Performance, Midwest Poetry Review, the Texas Observer, and Birthmark: a Bi-Lingual Anthology of Armenian-American poetry.

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