Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lorne Shirinian: identity papers

first there are the unnamed dead
and their voiceless stories
that vex the restless mind
family history mute
into the new world
lives abridged, discounted and disbelieved

then life in the shadows
an economy of words carefully measured
a thin mask of normalcy worn with inhibited pride
that cannot cover the wound
so many slaughtered
hope murdered
the future driven into exile

there is a map of mythologies
of towns and villages named only in tales
that always begin
once there was and there was not
and end
a curse drove the people from their homes
those who survived were scattered in the world
no one remained to mourn them

i¹ve been here for 61 years
anchored by the dead weight of harsh history
and i¹m still waiting for release

Copyright Lorne Shirinian.

This poem appears by kind permission of its author. It is part of an upcoming volume entitled RENDERING THE TIMELINE.

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