Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Karen Karslyan: Americanisms

You keep reminding me of the need to buckle up
Every single time you give me a ride

I know
You’re just trying to avoid problems with cops

But still

It’s comforting to hear you say it
As careless about oneself
As I am

You keep asking how I’m doing
Every time you see me

I know
What you give in response to my mumbling
Is just another perfunctory smile

But still

It’s comforting to see your beautiful smile
If not the whole world
Beauty saves my world

You keep telling me I shouldn’t curse so much

I know
You just hate to hear those words

But still
You help me think things are not as bad as I think

You keep asking me to roll you a cigarette
And the first time I asked if you minded
My licking the edge of the paper

You shook your head and said
It would boost your immune system

I know
Your concern about health is primary

But still
I’m happy you didn’t take me for another germ

You keep reminding me of the need to wear a rubber
Whenever you knock my door

I know
You’ve just chosen safe sex

But still

It’s comforting to realize
You’ve chosen me to have it with

You always say ‘thank you’
Following each of our copulations

Although it makes me feel I purchased a pound of sex
At a grocery store

But still
It’s comforting to hear you
Have a nice evening

You once said that I was a poet even if I’d never written a single poem

I know
You were just trying to comfort me during my writer’s block

But still

I suddenly realized
None of my poems had made me feel like a poet
Your words did
At least for a moment

Copyright Karen Karslyan

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