Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sdepan Keshishian: The Winter Dragon

Instances of stand-still time:
the bus-stop or a cashier line,
at all of which the winter dra-
gon lurks.

I walked into the sun this evening... and global warming
seeped back through the contours of my eye
sockets. until Spring, I will blow out the contempt
into a tissue. For all of eternity.

At an undisclosed left-hand turn,
my face barrels along gusts of wind,
its shell cracking and peeling off at the finer points.
Such is life in the ventilation system.

voyeuristic third-story pixelated vistas
above electric roller discos
-captured a tail, a trail of spines
while supermarket security reported flaming toehairs.

I crept through the stainless kitchen ceiling
and hung point five stories up and around
the brick corner, off the fire escape-
just out of range from rolling breath.

keshishian sdepan
Boston 2008

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