Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Evangeline Dardouni: Om

September 2001

In response to the attack on September 11, 2001

I belong to a generation
without a purpose
living in the shadow of our parents movement
desperate thirsty
willing to believe half truths
craving unity under a black moon
Shining in a scary sky of a purple haze and hydro breed
stoned by the simplicity of our arrogance
while black, white, red and blue blood
was spilled for moments of silence on hard concrete streets
that have seen drugs and murder
committed by children from broken homes-
So we chant for the sins of the stick-up-kids
Pullin’ triggers for a rush, beatin’ down doors
They crash and bust
Shots bang bodies, hit the floor
We are violent and eager, mercilessly settling a score
with guns and guts and hearts alike
while we dance around the issues
from Washington to Baghdad
because freedom bubbles a blistering sobering burn
And we cant bare to fucking look
And we cant bare to fucking try
or even begin to live without it
Without the right to speak and pray
And fuck and come
And write and live and learn and scream
And question the powers that be
And question the powers that be

Evangeline Dardouni
Previously published in “Downtown Brooklyn a Journal of Writing” Issue 13

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