Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jim Erkiletian: Between what is

It is not you and is not me
that tells us what will be
that gives us reason to go on
against the swollen river's strong
unhappy pressure bearing down
to death beneath the sea.
You're over there, I'm over here
across a gulf of circumstance
the twisted dance invites us here
but not to touch or see or hear
beyond the circumscribed unchance.
But if you get my meaning clear
it's not what happens there or here
that gives our tortured lonely lives
the meaning that like razor knives
allows a sense to sense its way
to something more that kills the fear.
You are you and I am me
of that there is no doubt or loss
but what scene's seen of bright chaos
and meaning's mean meanderings
is not what's there or here
but what's there in between.

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