Sunday, September 07, 2008

Praise indeed

On THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2008, a young poet posted this in his blog:


Shout Out to the Other Real Poets
I most recently read a few poems from an Armenian Poetry spot here on blogger. com. I really enjoyed the poems because they all have true life account of what happens in the Armenian culture. I also enjoyed the fact that the poems are all very, very visual and paint very clear pictures of what exactly is being described. The reason I was drawn to these poems is because they are all very similar to the poems that I am writing, in that they describe the perspective and point of view of a culture. My culture for example is that of an African American college student who is working to break a stereotype and establish himself as a writer. On the other side of that, The Armenian Poetry movement is one that is bringing to the forefront works of writing that the world may have never have even decided to look into. I encourage anyone that is interested and would like to check out this poetry to do so.

Many thanks C.S. Griffin. Keep on writing!!


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