Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Nancy Terzian Fox: Lahmajoun Confession

On the road to Der-Zor
I would have given my
wedding ring
for one of these
yet they sit waiting
frozen in time
pungent garlic
permeating my kitchen

My thoughts turn to
the dusty path
through the village
Anatolian hills
recalling better days
of simple joys
simple food
simple life
simple faith

So I celebrate the memory
of my lost generation
I indulge myself
this one last time
the oven reveals
my secret ...
aromas mingle and merge
garlic, spices, lamb
tomato, green pepper

Steaming hot
I hold them in my hands
with reverence
giving thanks
for my heritage
for my people
for my land

This poem has appeared in Ararat Literary Quarterly, Summer 1998. The author's grandparents, Souren and Seran Terzian were from Kunjular, and the author had dedicated this poem to them.

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