Monday, April 26, 2010

Alan Whitehorn: Shipping Protocols

Despite much and costly delay already,
some say we should not set sail at this time.
It might risk a nearby sinking ship, with it valued cargo.
It might create more jeopardy.
Should we, in turn, reset for a different course in this hazardous channel?
Or should we advise our comrades to finally abandon their listing ship?
After all, it has been adrift for most of this past year.
That vessel is obviously no longer under control and seems less and less buoyant.
Perhaps it is time, before it is too late,
to clear the damaged ship from the channel.
It is urgent that others proceed in these important waters.
We all might be better off to try another simpler and more seaworthy vessel.
The shoals and currents are dangerous enough,
without facing the additional risks of drifting wreckage.
Please advise the Port Authority as to the final decision.
Safe voyage, dear friends.
Safe voyage.

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