Sunday, December 04, 2011

Alan Semerdjian:Two Towers

Bending around the highway
slicing the horizontal still: two towers.

The sun between verticals then later
blinding two towers.

Radio spitting fire, the correspondents
still for two towers.

History and historians, two towers
in and out of focus.

Birds circumnavigating
clouds above two towers.

Not sure if maybe on
a clear day but two towers.

A flag for two towers; a pin
approaching a balloon.

The idea of two sinking
then rising – the towers

out of the sink, the sink
rising up from the towers.

Two dogs, off leash, proud
down avenue C: both towers.

Two memories swaying, window
open revealing towers.

On the way, photoshopping covers
with towers, a plane to catch.

Two lovers shouting their heads off:
two towers.

Two apartments, blocks, trains,
miles to go from two towers.

To build or not, to cry
or always cry for towers.

Forgetting two towers, then one,
then another, then none.

This poem has appeared in the online version of ARARAT.

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