Tuesday, November 04, 2014

David Johnson: Covered with sand

Green Sea, pink sand – cheap, hot and jolly
Tourists, indifferent, head off in folly
Hordes of drunks, mindless tours 
Gilded, open minded admirers, bend Islamic laws 

Come dance and sing in a guilty land 
Bring Amnesia and banality hand in hand. 
Pass the flame, burn the history books
Dance and sing amidst rusty, butcher’s hooks.
Be a one with open minded fools 
Who’ve never lived under Ottoman rules 

They flock alike with hedonistic kin 
To a land that still admits no sin 
Gladstone’s shame, Disraeli’s pride 
Sing, dance all night; toast  genocide !
On Armenian graves let’s sing and dine 
 Sword slashed hills bear no guilty shrine

If Belsen’s had  beaches  it would be so cool 
A place to sing and dance and drool
Turkey’s cheap, it’s fun “ the service is good “
Bring your ignorance, we have Armenian blood.

Where next?
Where next ? 
Oh who could forget ?
Our last lovely trip to Han Chinese Tibet. 

David Johnson lives in Cheshire, England.

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