Saturday, November 08, 2014

Esther Heboyan publishes new book: Beyond the Galata Bridge

Esther Heboyan, a regular contributor to the Armenian Poetry Project, has a new book out. Beyond the Galata Bridge is a collection of short stories depicting the life of Armenians in 1950s Istanbul and in late 20th century Europe. 

The book is available at CREATESPACE.

Here's an except.

"I can see many, many journeys. Chance encounters, some very good, some very bad. Stay away from the bad ones. I can see long journeys into far off countries. You shall become a nurse or a princess or a heroic mother. It's all the same anyway. But I have to teach you how to make anousch abour first. And also çörek. And also börek. By the way, I'm going to have another one of those. They're delicious. Do you fancy one?"

Hilda walked to the window and pressed her brow against the cold glass.

"Grandma, why is the world so dark?"

"The world is the world," answered the grand-mother. "Sometimes a good, safe place. Sometimes, not so good and not so safe."

About the author:
Esther Heboyan was born in Istanbul where she spent her early childhood. Later on, when her parents moved first to Germany, then to France, she attended schools in languages she didn't speak. After graduating from high school, she studied English in France and journalism in the United States. Beyond the Galata Bridge is the third part of her series on Armenian exiles. The first two volumes, Les Passagers d'Istanbul/The Passengers from Istanbul (2006) and Comme un dimanche d'août à Burgaz/Like a Sunday Morning in August on the Island of Burgaz (2011), were written in French. 

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