Sunday, December 03, 2006

PEN Organization

On November 30, 2006, as a member of Pen America, I went to a holiday card writing blitz. About 40 of us sat around big tables, took a bunch of UNICEF cards and sent greetings to journalists and writers and their families around the world who are either currently in prison or on trial.

PEN provided the UNICEF cards, envelopes, address labels, and postage.

It was very moving to find the name of Hrant Dink amongst the names. My father, who came to volunteer with me, and I, wrote to Mr. Dink.

It must be said that my Dad, who normally has to be bribed to write holiday cards to family members, sat and wrote cards in Arabic, French, Turkish, and some in English to complete strangers in the Middle East, Africa, Cuba and China. As a retired photo journalist, he knows all about freedom of the press.

To know more about PEN, visit its sites, and start by readings its Charter.
The Website of Pen America and
International Pen

Armenian-American authors who are members of PEN include:
Peter Balakian
Eric Bogosian
Chris Bohjalian
Diana Der-Hovanessian
Gregory Djanikian
Marjorie Housepian-Dobkin
Nancy Kricorian
Peter Sourian

Armenian authors overseas who are members of PEN include Vahé Godel (Switzerland)

PEN's Armenian Centre:
President - Anna Hakobyan
App. 8, 24 Papazian st, Yerevan, 375012, Armenia


Gevorg Hakobyan said...

Nice idea. I like it :)
Do you still do such stuff?
Please inform :)

Lola Koundakjian said...

Hello Gevorg:

I am responding here because I didn't find an email link in your website. Yes, I am still an active member of PEN American Center. How about you?

Best, Lola

Gevorg Hakobyan said...

Thanks for responding. I already contacted you via e-mail. :)