Sunday, October 07, 2007

Leo Hamalian: The Expose

I am the shell that awaits the word.

I am the gun that shoots the shell
That shocks the weeping flesh so well.

I am the hand that pulls the cord
(Now more potent than the sword)
When the certain word is roared.

I am the one that roars the word
That lifts aloft the shining bird
When ordered by the one who's heard
From those who say it's time to gird.

I am the one who teaches to read
Those who cry the ancient creed
To the ones who feed the need
Of the hand that's go to heed
The word that fathers forth the deed.

I am the one who works the drill,
Who tills the soil, who takes his pill,
Who backs with tax the shell he makes
To feed the hand of him who takes
The word that comes from certain men
Who give the word to fire when.

Who is the one who gives the word
To life aloft the shining bird?

I am the one behind the shell.

I am the one who makes this hell.

Leo Hamalian

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