Saturday, October 27, 2007

Michael Minassian: OFFERING

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OFFERING read by the author, Michael Minassian.


here is the
stump of the tree
we cut down

when my hands
were too small
to fit around

the handle of the saw.
Here is the tree
you nurtured
w/ its green apples

now rotting
on the ground.

Here is where
I peed on your shoe
near the grape vine

whose leaves
we used to eat.

Here is the fireplace
we sat around
while you sang
me songs of
the old country
in the language

the others
had forgotten.

Here is the house
you built
& the garden you grew

the piece of land
that you loved.

grandfather –
I know you are here.

I have brought you
my son.

Copyright Michael Minassian.

THIS POEM FIRST APPEARED IN ARARAT MAGAZINE IN WINTER - 1978 and is used here by kind permission of the author.

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